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Automotive Service Technology

I have always had a desire to work on vehicles but, as a single mother of three children, I was not able to fulfill this lifelong goal. I was at Homeland and saw the brochure on Francis Tuttle and the programs offered. I was on unemployment at the time and knew that it was the best time, if ever, to obtain the education needed to persue my goal of becoming a mechanic. Not a female mechanic, but an ASE certified mechanic.

I am a single mother of three children. As I persue my goal, I work as a waitress at the Waffle House. There have been ocassions where I have not been able to make ends meet and the stress of it, I worried, would affect my ambitions and goals. My Francis Tuttle advisor suggested a possible resolution to my needs and recommended I contact the Francis Tuttle Foundation.The assistance the Foundation has provided helped me to stay on track and continue education with Francis Tuttle.

Respiratory Care

I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field. My undergraduate studies provided me with a great understanding of the human body and the health profession, but I was unsure of the exact career I was going to choose. The answer came to me a year and a half ago when my father was in the hospital for a week. The Respiratory Therapist and I became friends, and I followed her on patient rounds. It was then that I grew to love the idea of helping people not only breathe, but have a better quality of life. She told me I would make a great Respiratory Therapist and my family encouraged me to find a program and apply. That was all it took to get the ball rolling. I was thankful to discover that Francis Tuttle had a Respiratory Care program, and I only lived 5 miles away!

I have lived away from home since I graduated high school, and moved all around the Oklahoma City area. Unfortunately, in my quest for education and independence, I have encountered living costs, the price of books, food, etc. Most scholarships and government aid do not help someone who already has a degree. It almost felt like I was getting punished for following my dreams. Francis Tuttle has been very accepting of the fact that I am a second degree-seeking student. They make it very easy to "have a life" outside of school.

The tuition help I received from the foundation helped me cover the cost of my education so I could focus on my school work and helped alleviate the stress I felt of being on my own. Also, the clinical experience has been a great way to network and build rapport with Oklahoma City area hospitals. Without Francis Tuttle, I would not have been able to get one of the student respiratory jobs at Integris. I love my new job and I feel very confident in the education that has been provided to me.

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